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plate rolling machine for ship building industry

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    w11nc series marine plate rolling machine,it's used to roll the radius for the shell of the boat and press the channel can be designed to different type per customet's requirement.set the inflexibility beam at the upside of the upper has set several groups of the support roller between upper rollers and beam,and at the bottom of the lower roller to improve the stiffness of upper roller and lower roller,three rollers are all driving rollers.

    there are such types for the marine plate rolling machine as follows:
a) two lower roller separately moveable:upper roller ascending & descending at vertical,lower roller separately move at horizontal direction.
b) two lower roller whole moveable: upper roller ascending & descending at vertical direction,lower rollers whole move at horizontal direction.

c) symmetrical type:upper roller ascending & dexcending at vertical direction,the lower rollers remain relatively fixed.

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