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y30 c-frame hydraulic press

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· computer optimized designed c-frame vertical sturcture with high rigidity
· with ram direction guide rod for higher accuracy
· independent hydraulic and electrical control system.centralized pushbutton control
· preset stroke forming or preset preset pressure forming process at choice,pressure holding period can be preset according to requirements
· adjustment operation or two-hand/single cycle operation is at operator's choice
· stroke and pressure can be adjusted within specified scope

· drawing,forming and coining processes for small sice sheet metal prducts
· straightening and press-in processes for shaft and sleeve parts
· non-metal materials,plastic products and powder products forming processes

· cutting damping system
· proportinal regulation device for slide speed
· displacement sensor
· light curtain safety device
· oil heating/cooling unit
· upper ejecting device(hydraulic or mechanical type)
· power socket
· working area lighting
· imported plc
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