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single action hydraulic stamping press

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· four column type or straight side structure available on request and both structures are calculated by finite elements methods.the four column type press featuring compact arrangement and high proce performance ratio,straight side structure press is with much high rigidity and precision,also eccentric load resistance performance.
· cartidge valve integrated unit equipped in hydraulic control system,with high reliability,durability.oil leakage is avoided by means of proper piping and minimum hydraulic impact design
· electrical system controlled by imported plcunit,with the features of compact,sensitivity,reliability and flexibility;reliable actions and easy maintenance are the features of the system based on relay control
· three operation modes are provided:adjustment,two-hand/single circle and auto continuous(equipped with robort)operations

· various actions such as preset stroke forming or preste pressure forming process,cushion actions including reat,ejection or blank holding can be selected on control panel


suitable for drawing,bending,forming,stamping and flanging processes,especially for the following fields:

· automobile parts production such as vehicle bodywork,brake disc,oil tank,chassis,rear axle and bumper,etc;

· household electronics:washing machine parts,electiccooker,tv set parts,refrigerator parts;

· kitchen utensils:kitchen sinks,pots,stainless steel articles and other containers;

· other:tractor motorcycle,aircraft and aerospace industry.


· moving talbe

· proportional regulation for slide speed and force

· proportional regulation for cushion force

· cutting dampening system

· light curtain safety device

· oil heating/cooling unit

· displacement sensor

· industry touching screen monitor

· upper ejecting device(hydraulic or mechanical type)

· power socket

· working area lighting

· computer controlled non-recycling guide way lubrication device

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