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machine speed regulation method

2016/12/19      view:
    the hydraulic drive system of machine tool machine working table, which is composed of a hydraulic pump, reversing valve, overflow valve, throttle valve, hydraulic cylinder, oil tank and a connecting pipe, etc..
    the moving speed of machine working table is adjusted by the throttle valve. change the opening size of the throttle valve 5, while changing the hydraulic oil flow into the hydraulic cylinder, thereby controlling the movement speed of the table, excess hydraulic oil through the overflow valve and overflow pipeline back to the tank. when the throttle valve is larger, the flow into the hydraulic cylinder is larger, the moving speed of the worktable is faster; on the contrary, when the throttle valve opening is small, the moving speed of the worktable is slower. oil j9九游会官方-j9九游会老哥交流必备社区ure relief valve spring pre j9九游会官方-j9九游会老哥交流必备社区ure regulator can adjust the hydraulic pump outlet, and let the excess oil relief valve in the open under the j9九游会官方-j9九游会老哥交流必备社区ure corresponding to oil tank through the oil return pipe. because the maximum working j9九游会官方-j9九游会老哥交流必备社区ure of the system will not exceed the setting value of the relief valve, the overflow valve plays an important role in overload protection.