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matters needing attention in the process of using the machine

2016/12/19      view:
    machine before the winter comes in addition to the need for a variety of oil, the key is to replace the antifreeze, so the replacement method is very important.
    1, in the daily cleaning machine, will generally be hair, wool and other fine fabric winding, motor load will be high because a large torque caused by the heating of the motor winding is light, days and months multiplying will increase the battery load affect the battery life, serious word will directly burn the motor, general manufacturers are equipped with cleaning tools.
    2, the system inspection and replacement steps is the first is to check the thermostat work condition, ensure thermostat work well.
    3, do not tide in wet environment, lest the motor damp short circuit fire.
    4, the use of time should not be too long, should stop a little time to re-use. prevent the motor from overheating.
    5, then that is clear in the water jacket scale. for cleaning the body, affect the heat so that the engine temperature is too high, such as scale blocking the drain switch, will cause the water is not clean.
    6, machine after each use, power line to be pulled from the socket, finishing well.
    7, as often in the engine running at low temperature, can lead to increased wear of machine parts. final filling antifreeze. in low temperature conditions allow, before use to deal with the cooling system to carry out a thorough cleaning, and should choose good quality, low corrosion antifreeze, let the machine is easy and safe to live this winter.