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before using the machine, need to check?

2016/12/19      view:
    the company special machine to prompt the user to friends, it is best to the operator through skills training, and abide by the requirements in operation.
    the modernization is more and more strong now, its appearance has brought the change to people's life, especially has enhanced the efficiency.
    speaking of advantages, we have to think of its cost, efficiency and security performance. with such a high efficiency, many people will think it should cost is not low, but it is not the case, there can save manpower, save the need to pay for the enterprise, is an excellent assistant. finally, the use of it also has a high security, can make employees safe without hardship.
    the staff has the task to adhere to the configuration of the surface uniform, internal clean, protect the use of various switches, as well as parts integrity.
    machine staff requirements are as follows:
    1, staff manipulation must wear tools to wear work cards, uniform dress.
    2, must pass strict training, understand the machine features, and operation method and operation skill proficiency. only after the consent of the relevant personnel.
    3, without professional training staff, shall not use.
    4, must be familiar with strict implementation of safe operating rules and other regulations.