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analysis of common troubles in press

2016/12/19      view:
    in some production and processing process, the figure of the j9九游会官方-j9九游会老哥交流必备社区 is very common, but the j9九游会官方-j9九游会老哥交流必备社区 in the production process, due to normal wear, use or improper maintenance, it is inevitable that there will be a variety of failures. so, after the failure of the j9九游会官方-j9九游会老哥交流必备社区 should do?
    a high bearing temperature rise: if j9九游会官方-j9九游会老哥交流必备社区 work or empty running when the crankshaft bearing temperature rise in a short period of time will vary greatly, need to consider the bearing clearance is too small, bearings whether to enter the impurities or foreign body, lubrication is bad, whether in the long-term work overload overload.
    two, the fuselage vibration is big: the fuselage vibration is too big also can bring many problems, cause the working environment is bad, the machine service life reduces, the forging precision decline and so on. this situation will need to check whether it is not a good beating balance of flywheel is too large, the crankshaft bearing wear serious, anchor screw is loose, tighten the bolt pretightening force is enough.
    three, j9九游会官方-j9九游会老哥交流必备社区 j9九游会官方-j9九游会老哥交流必备社区: chong chong is a serious fault, first of all to exclude the j9九游会官方-j9九游会老哥交流必备社区 control program error, check whether cam switch signal failure, the clutch friction plate is shedding off causing the clutch, brake failure action not brake, clutch, brake exhaust is smooth.
    if the machine fails, according to the content further analysis, and ultimately find the root of the problem. through the occurrence of the fault in a timely and accurate judgment, can ensure the use of the performance of the j9九游会官方-j9九游会老哥交流必备社区, thereby improving the reliability of equipment operation, life and efficiency.