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head forming hydraulic press

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· y24 series are of four-column type and y45 are of grantry type,both are calculated by finite elements methods
· cartridge valve integrated unit is equipped in the circuit,with reliable and durable advantages.oil leakage is avoided by means of proper piping and minimum bydraulic impact design
· independent electrical system controlled by plc with high sensitivity and reliablilty
· centralized pushbutton control system,with adjustment or two-hand/single cycle operation modes at operator's choice.preset stroke forming process or preset pressure forming
· process can be selected on control panel.stroke and pressure can be adjusted within specified scope
· moving table for quick die change

· suitable for cold and hot forming processes of container heads,as well as flanging and straightening processes of various steel sheets.

· feeding manipulator
· proportional regulation device for slide speed
· displacement sensor
· light curtain safety device
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