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plate selection of leveling machine

2016/12/19      view:
    j9九游会官方-j9九游会老哥交流必备社区 is also the need to choose the use of plate. we know that the general sheet leveling machine is normal to use, not only processing sheet under special conditions good, need other types of mechanical equipment, this machine oriental xiaobian plate processing is introduced under the.
    the feeding side leveling machine two pay worm rigid connection as a group, two for rigid material side of the connecting to another group, the motor respectively drives two sets of worm drives two sets of lifting rod, so as to drive the roller working face under the colonel relative leveling roller working face lifting or tilting to change the leveling and clearance of import and export volume change angle, adjusted by the encoder feedback, the operating table is provided with a digital display. all of leveling roller and traction roller are active, the transmission order: ac motor drives a speed through the transmission distribution box is composed of a universal coupling to transmit power to the leveling roller and traction roller. distribution box for double power transmission, middle gear transmission strength, gear distribution is reasonable, long service life. the leveling roller and the supporting roller bearing are rolling bearings. the leveling roller bearing adopts imported bearing with high supporting precision, which can guarantee the high precision leveling requirement of sheet metal.