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self adjusting roller for leveling machine

2016/12/19      view:
    after the normal production mode using automatic adjusting roller leveling machine experimental research in many aspects, for the birth of the self adjustable roller leveler is whether it is from the production efficiency or from labor costs is a breakthrough, but the birth of a new technology, no matter what time are brought new problems or precautions self adjustable roller leveling machine is also so, next to hengli heavy industry together with you to learn about using six point leveling machine self adjustable roller note.
    1, debugging roller at startup by low speed to high speed gradually transform, steering, the motor stops, to convert, otherwise easy to cause the damage of the motor. when running, no man-machine separation, rotating the workpiece radius forbidden to stand.
    2, rubber wheel is only suitable for working in normal temperature state, under special circumstances the workpiece and rubber wheel contact temperature is not allowed to exceed 75 degrees, otherwise there may be rubber wheel damage.
    3, to be installed in a solid, ventilation, moisture-proof, dustproof, waterproof, and away from the severe vibration environment, don't let the corrosive chemical exposure equipment.
    4, the main, driven roller installation at the same time, to keep both in the level of high, the central line in the same straight line, using the measurement of the main, slave diagonal way to adjust.
    5, the use of the process, the roller to fully contact the workpiece, do not have weld or sharp parts contact. in the hanging part, do not impact roller, avoid damage.
    6, the workpiece requirements: workpiece diameter and weight, should be strictly in accordance with the design requirements, otherwise prone to accidents, according to the length of the equipment, appropriate adjustment of the main wheel distance.
    the above six points is usually used in the production of self adjustable roller leveling machine often encountered, i hope we should not be nervous when facing these conditions, follow the instructions step by step operation.